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Herring in a tin can

Or why does a sensible,guy  buy such a big Volvo ? And then even at  a Volvo dealer! one of 10 years old, with a TURBO on petrol , a weight of half a truck and the consumption  of a real truck.



Is he mad?
Has he a money surplus?
Does he  love to hurt himself?
Is it  love at first sight?

this is why:


Nissan Primera 2.0d SLX

When our fourth children announced it self. we had to look for a larger car. One in wich we could fit decently.
For thatwe  could natural no longer use a Nissan Primera.
Every Volvo-owner knows that

Soon  we defined  for ourselves a number of criteria.

It  had to have minimal 6 seats
it  had to be trustworthy
And especially it had to be safe.

Also it had to be  quite luxurious. We were used to that for years

I mean, turning a handle for opening the windows we already no longer did since we had Suzuki Alto traded in for a  a fancy CitroŽn BX.

 I know, everybody makes mistakes sometimes!

In 1989 closing  all doors separately was something we did  understand since that time. Let alone an "option " like powersteering.


Suzuki Alto GL '88

CitroŽn BX 19TRD '86

Moreover the car had to be  not too expensive.  more than 15,000 guilders for a 2nd hand car I find  really too much! And thus we went searching for  decent means of transportation that satisfied at all our criteria .

But that was easier said than done! Apparently is this country is forgiven of people  that want transport 6 or more persons from. Hence there is an enormous shortage in this land at that kind of cars in that pricerange . You end up at the most strange merchants who  ask completely  ridiculous prices for a ramshackle that has been imported from Germany or for cars that have  350,000 KM on the clock. And When these kind of people sold something stood what could possibly be a serious option, it was already sold or it was pure fraud.

We went through the larger part of Holland:  Berghem, Nieuwkuijk , Veenendaal, HeesWijk- Dinther, Apeldoorn, Zeeland, Haarlem, Uden , Zandvoort, et cetera, et cetera.

And what rubbish we all have seen  ! A few  examples from the many cars : A Toyota Previa from 1991 with 270,000 km on the counter. All belts cut through,holes in the upholstery of  back banks with  et cetera , and so on. Asking price of this beauty "only" 13,000 guilders.

A whole lot Chrysler Voyager vans with broken motors , broken gears , of which every merchant c. q. dealer otherwise said , that you that especially had not to buy ( so we didn't ), Mitsubishi Spacewagons from 1991, 1992, 1993 for  hfl 20,000  ore more with 350,000 km on gas or from Germany with 80,000 km on the counter.  " Really true , sir, this was used by an elderly  German lady that  wanted a large vehicle wanted for shopping ", according to a seller.

another type of car:  the Renault Espace and the Pointiacs Transsport. 1995 in the paper, 1992 in MOT "well sir  these come from the USA " and "Yes, but you can actual well say that it is  from 1995

Yet strangely that this car has a kilometer odometer, while everything in America is done in miles  and "It doesnt' want start for errr it has no petrol in tank "or "when you sign here you  can make a test drive next week  and take it along afterwards in  the meantime shouting at his rottweiler "Quiet TARZAN!

Also experienced : "You can take that Espace with you,  without guarantee and I will not trade in your car   and it will cost  18.000". ", you not want it like that? leave it then! If  I wont sell it to you i will surely sell it to someone else."

But when you think yopu are out of luck, the solution is near. Nearer than you think sometimes

We went again to look for a car, on a Saturday. It was already half a year after we started our search for a people carrier. and our youngest, a son, had been born  in the meantime. Our children sat quite tightly in the back of the car. "Look " said my wife  Ireen, "let's have a  look at  the Volvo-dealer here on the corner if they havev anything for our likings ". It is fairly unlikely but let's  try it .

And there it was: In the middle of the ground: a dark blue Volvo 740 Turbo intercooler estate. "I allways  wanted such a Volvo" Ireen said  and "It is quite a  beauty this one". the Salesman approached us and asked what he could do for us or what he we could do for him.

"Good afternoon, we are looking for a car in which we fit in with the six of us , and  er.... I think  that you have something for us." It was difficult to suppress our excitement . Well "this a nice one isn't ?" began the seller. He wanted to commit us just with our just  found trofee. He began a little bit on to mention all the extra's

"This has an automatic gearbox with cruise-control always nice , and a dograck , and 4 power  windows and  climate control" he began. Is it possible to put  extra seats in the back? . He frightened a little bit. " Yes but I don't have one ...... I began to calculate and to hear him out. " What dost such a second-hand bench cost  then?" "I think about 800 guilders." I tried not to blink with my eyes.

"Maarre,. Do you want to test-drive?" Against that  we had no objection! After the car was started  we got in and with a feeling of triumph I drove off the  grounds of the dealer.  Actual I had bought m then already with my heart. This tremendous car, with this fantastic time lynx, eternal goedgeconserveerde design. The station under the stations. With such fabulous monster of a motor in the vooronder, with a seat where my bovengemiddelde weight only also length good in most level, but also all other family members delightfully in zitten. With all options that I only want to have and yet much more even.

I looked at right where my woman drunkenly, and that drunkenly also to shine. It would become per end of bill her car through the weeks. Will they it in want and dare ride? A vending machine, must can meant she. For her was it thus also a clear affair.


The testrit tried we so long possible to stretch. Yet even hiemaar to , yet just that threshold try. Does how accelerate he? Do and yet just or he look for the door also justest? The pale all tremendous to go. also the neighbors looked at with only envy our car. As hears it.



Was only how good he? What guarantee drunkenly on it? Could we come at a bank in the back, and well a that as a kitchen chair most level bee our matter interiors not learn? Ireen remembered yet that the garage holders which we the Toyota Previa had seen something had mumbled that he yet a fearful had of a Volvo 740. "That will ring" decided we this afternoon yet we. When we prevent back were by the Volvo-dealer began the praising and offer. After a spicy price negotiation left we the garage with the communication that we firstly yet just a bank somewhere from here had to get so that we it on back could come., . In our back of the head had we naturally that we the fearfully well cheaply could decorate.,



'S-noons we tried yet the Toyotaman to take to get. Unfortunately told he that he nothing more wanted to lie. Good council was duration , just as such fearful. That evening I began on internet to seek with the key word "Volvo 740" and already quickly came from it many options , below which as an of the first the Volvo 700 association. HŤ , but that was amusing! After a hour on this site to have I had been looked around really totally round. I must and will that Volvo hebben!

Already quickly I had various phone numbers of businesses that did in Volvo's or in pillowcase parts of that. That Monday after that I had fortunately by the second telephone already hold. Svenska in Tomb had there even 2 liggen. "Costs that?" informed I. "750 guilder" answered the man. "Only he must be developed" yet. "I come Saturday just look thus hold 'em for me fast" said I and hung on. When we the next saturday morning by Svenska arrived had they an old aftands careen in the back a corner lie. Now as I that 750 guilder for must not give then goes the deal well through" thought I. But the owner spoke me at and said: "You come certain for that fearfully?". "That have I separate gelegd, view only". This was something whole anders. An almost new bank from a 940 van'95, completely with belts and hoods. The buy was thus fast gedaan.


Now that yet negotiate with John Sprengers of Volvo Grind. Fortunately we could become the freely fast once. He built them to me the fearful and my radio-CD-wisselaar in and saw to for it that it a new APK and license plates came up and that he totally good would be as we 'em came get.

We came a beautiful price to the same thing



In spite of we went tell everybody of our aankoop. On a particular moment , I wanted to see back at the same time my father the 740 to let. He stood parked outside and were wanted to let see the doors open thus I everything well. John came to outside. "You fearfully sit there already in hŤ" That had we not yet seen. Nicely in the opbergruimte under the board, he sat weggewerkt.


Saturday 1 July I wanted to bow half on the doorstep my first real own Volvo on to get. After the customary formalities " I got m with. Today could we the station of the stations at everybody let see and that have we done!


Meanwhile we tried him dreadfully. We have been ridden them to me there over small weggetjes to Limburg, over pieces highway with 190 raged (more hard could itself to them not, it was itself to them too busy). Waves GTI from it pulled by the traffic light, with its zessen naturally (and we sat not fixed as herrings in a barrel) and my children in the back but swing and laugh! Whole many gecruisecontrolled, but especially enjoyments.



Enjoyments of the riding, but also of the sight 's-mornings as you from the kitchen window looks and this car stands for your door. Enjoyments of the attention and ask of the men from the street. Wildvreemden that you speak to "t is well a beautiful hŤ". Enjoyments of all options that you have and that in the instruction bow stand by "Some models"
And that expenses? Oh, enjoy expense now once money, but you live but a time. I want to ride
about that yet long with plezier in this car to can.


on the way to Argeles by the mediterranean sea nearby Sete  
Why a 3rd row?

Besides havinfg a flexible use of our car,It is the best solution for the children!

I found this article on the volvo700 forum


Rear Crash Protection
A Letter from the President and Chief Executive Officer, Volvo Cars of North America, on Safety

This official statement from Volvo was authored in 1993. Accident stats maybe different than quoted, however, they are correct for the date written. Also, this was written before the 850 hit the market, however, Volvo has assured me that there has been no change in design philosophy regarding rear crash
protection in the wagons with the advent of the 850 and 900 series. This was from the office of Mats Ola Palm, President and Chief Executive Officer, Volvo Cars of North America. Current President and CEO is Helge Alten.

October 15, 1993
Mr. Daniel S. Reid
Dear Mr. Reid:

Thank you for your letter of October 5, 1993 regarding the accident your family experienced in their Volvo. I was pleased to see that the Volvo performed as designed and your family was spared any serious injury. I also want to take a few minutes of your time to discuss the issue you raised regarding the optional rear facing third seat which may be installed in our wagons.

The subject of automotive safety is a complex one with very few simple answers. Perhaps the best place to start is by realizing that there is a different relative level of injury exposure for every seating position in
every automobile. This stems from a number of real world issues such as the frequency of the type of accident, the structure of the vehicle, the direction of impact, the distance from the point of impact, and the type of restraining device.

According to our Safety Engineers, in most five passenger automobiles this makes the rear center seating position arguable the "safest" if it is equipped with a three-point seat belt. Statistics show that the majority of all impacts are frontal, making the rear seat position more desirable. The next most frequent type of accident is the side impact. Here, the center position in the rear seat is the farthest from the potential points of impact. Again, contributing to the safety of this position when a three-point belt is
fitted and used.

I believe it is important to understand the concepts I have stated to appreciate the risks and merits of our optional rear facing third seat. The optional seat has been designed with the same attention to safety as all of the other seating positions in a Volvo. It is solidly built and firmly bolted to the vehicle structure. It has built in head restraints and three-point self-adjusting seat belts. It is designed to carry 2 children up to 88 pounds each in weight. As I have stated, the most frequent type of accident is a frontal impact. In such an accident the third seat is the farthest from the point of impact and since the seating is rear facing, it allows the occupants to dissipate the crash energy across their entire back which produces even less body loading than a seat belt would produce. In the second most frequent type of accident, the side impact, the two occupants of the third seat sit between the rear wheel wells with the extra structure of the rear axle outside them and extra distance to either side of the car. U.S. government statistics show that frontal impacts account for over 50% of all accidents while side impacts total about 28%.
I realize that your concern lies with rear impacts which account for only 10% of all accidents. The body of a Volvo station wagon is designed to manage crash energy in a different way than our sedans. It is more rigid and designed to help dissipate the crash energy forward to more of the structure of the vehicle. The impact in the rear is also lighter than frontal due to the fact that normally both vehicles move in the same direction, or one is standing still. In laboratory tests, instrumented dummies simulating occupants of the
proper size, under 88 pounds, wearing their restraints experienced no significant indications of head, torso, or leg injuries with a rear impact flat barrier at 30 miles per hour. In fact, this seat complies with the
performance requirements stipulated by government safety authorities in both the U.S. and Europe.

Moving from the theoretical to the practical, our real world experience bears out the merits of this seat.
Approximately one-third of all Volvo station wagons sold in the U.S. are ordered with this option and have been for almost 20 years. In virtually every report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute, Volvo station wagons are consistently rated among the safest vehicles on the roads. During all of this time Volvo Cars of North America has never been contacted regarding an injury or death for an occupant of the third seat in a crash. While the image in your mind of sitting in the rear facing seat and being struck by a vehicle is frightening, both laboratory and real world experience says there is no inherent safety problem in design of the rear facing third seat. Finally, why does Volvo offer the third seat? Because we have seen that the extra space available in a wagon is often used to carry people, in far too many cases, totally unrestrained. The safety implications of this are truly terrifying. Realizing this, we offered what we genuinely believe to be a far superior solution.

I thank you for your letter and I hope I did not overwhelm you with this somewhat complex answer to your question. Again, I am glad to hear your family is fine. Please call me on the phone at xxx, xxxx, if you want to further elaborate on my comments, or if I can be of further assistance.

Very truly yours,

Mats Ola Palm

bron: k850/crash-rear.html

And as last the top 5 of my cars

on 5:
My red duck. 2cv special. BJ1976 Thus without last window on the side Rot as a mispel only well in the summer with a tremendous open dak. bought for Fl 100, -in 1986 , 15000, km with ridden could harder than the Km counter (120)

on 4:
Peugeot 405 SRI 1.9 multipoint Bj 1988 Rarely. one of the little SRI multipoint with 1.9 110 PK On gas. (More than 3.5 tons it on) Well Full option Airco, spoiler, LMV, Alarm, red reflected plate. etc. 210 km/h on (french) gas only also onwijs many gezeik with LPG my reason even electrisch to boil and gas off to swear

on 3:
Suzuki Alto 0.8 GL 1988 Our first and only new car. Good (140 km pen/you) an amusing autootje, expense had been ridden into little reason economically

on 2:
Peugeot 504 Ti vending Machine 1978 French Limo. Stab words: Fast, Large , Luxury, Rust. Well a beautiful schuifdak ZF vending machine, Electrische rams. 1 on 6 super plumbed. only with 195 per hour to Annecy. I wanted never to must do away , but must tidy up.

on 1:
The 740 Turbo estate a trip car nun plus ultra well what I must say... Has everything, can does want everything, everything, everything. Love is a beautiful thing.


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